Cloud Appraisal Technologies software

Who uses CAT?

Looking for the User-Friendly Appraisal Desk Review Software that automatically customizes all reports? Cloud Appraisal Technologies software makes it easy to produce high quality Desk Review Reports of your original Appraisals. For a quote, call 561-284-5929 today

The main users of Cloud Appraisal Technologies (CAT) software are Banks, Mortgage Banks, Credit Unions, Appraisal companies and Mortgage Outsourcing companies. The software allows user to add unlimited customers within your license and the terms are flexible for firms of every size. Your own administrator controls all the permissions for your unlimited users.

What does this software do?

CAT software makes it easy to produce quality desk review reports of your original appraisals. The software guides you through a series of questions which were modeled after the appraisal questionnaire in the FannieMae guidelines. The checklist contains 12 categories and many pre-set questions in each category with comment boxes for negative answers. All these questions and answers are easily customizable by the user. A red flag attachment is provided to highlight serious findings which are identified in the review. Each of the categories and questions may be changed, (customized) to suit the user. New categories and questions may be added or substituted by the user.

A five page appraisal report is created automatically and can be transmitted directly through the software to its intended destination. Summary reports are also easily available.

This user-friendly software will automatically customize all reports with you own logo and letterhead, and will save all your reviews and reports indefinitely. A customer level billing module is included to speed your customer invoices, eliminating the need for an accounting department. All reports and invoices can be transmitted directly through the CAT Software.

Where it is usable?

Since CAT is Cloud based, it is accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection, 24/7. It is a proven, reliable application that is scalable without limitations. The software is customizable by all licensees to include your own letterheads and logos. An unlimited user interface is provided.

When can it be used?

CAT software is easy to learn and the training takes less than 3 hours in total for your entire staff. We can have you up and operating within 24 hours. Because the software is Cloud based, it is available 24/7


All reports are standardized

Your reports are compliant with the regulators

It will speed your reviews and save your firm an enormous amount of labor cost.

Money saved by transmitting your reports via the program eliminates mailing expenses and shipping time.