FullCircle QC Software

Features in FullCircle Mortgage QC Software

  • No server necessary. We store all data for future reference
  • All reports and memos may be emailed directly from the software. Save on use of paper & ink and wear and tear of printers. The only printing required is for reverification docs.
  • Post-Closing & Pre-Funding modules are available within one single system.
  • File cabinets and file clerks are things-of-the-past. No filing required. Less space needed.
  • Access the platform 24/7 from any location. Great for remote employees
  • Allows unlimited number of users simultaneously. Multiple users may work on the same audits and in the same loan simultaneously.
  • Additional customer levels are available to licensees.
  • Permission control for each user is set by licensee administrator for internal security
  • Licensees may use their own checklists and reverification documents or they may use the built-ins provided within the FullCircle system.
  • Reverification documents and exception memos each have unique tracking systems and are always uniquely bar-coded for easy and reliable identification.
  • FullCircle’s selection wizard allows for multiple selection strata to insure random & stratified selection of loans to review, and provides a template to save your custom strategies for future use.
  • FullCircle  contains all of the required reports and more for full compliance with Fannie, Freddie, FHA and other investors.
  • FullCircle is industrial strength software usable in all browsers

Special features found in FullCircle Web-Pro

All columns may be sorted alphabetically and numerically

  • Import up to 1000 loans or more in less than  60 seconds
  • Automated random/stratified loan selection
  • Every reverification letter is barcoded for easy receiving
  • 2 built in API’s for obtaining credit reports and verification reports
  • Word & number search features to save time in all charts
  • Column sorting for convenient search
  • Built in checklist for all loan types/ or import your own checklist into FullCircle
  • Fully automatic Exception Memos and Trending Reports- Saves hours or days of work
  • Two APR Calculator are available to use free of charges
  • Entire FullCircle Platform is extremely “User Friendly”
  • Automated invoicing to Licensee and to customers of licensee- Saves hours of work every month and guarantees payment promptly
  • User control module allows limited use of features to any personnel. These permissions are set by your own administrator