Wise QC

Wise QC provides Mortgage Quality Control Outsourcing services to lenders of all sizes throughout the USA. Wise QC specializes in Post-Closing Quality Control Audits on a regular basis to Banks, Mortgage Banks, Credit Unions and other specialty lenders. Wise is proud to say it utilizes the best QC Software package available today, FullCircle Software by QC Solutions. Using this software has given us the ability to deliver completed audits faster, and more accurately than ever before. Customers love the crisp, clear and thorough reports, unlike the reports they were getting before using FullCircle. FullCircle has also provided us with the ability to become a “Green” Company, since FullCircle is an almost paperless system.

Wise QC does much more than just Post-Closing audits. We do portfolio evaluations of all sizes, compliance reviews, fraud reviews, pre-funding reviews, appraisal desk reviews and much, much, more. All audits are done in the USA. The best part is we deliver completed, thorough findings within 30 days of receiving your loan files, guaranteed. Got a rush job, we are up to the challenge.